Labre, Henri “Henry”

It is with shattered hearts and fractured souls that we share this belated message on the anniversary of his passing. Henri “Henry” Labre bravely but reluctantly relinquished his role as patriarch to the Jules and Alexina Labre (Dion) family on March 26, 2023, at 10:05 am. Henry, the youngest of fourteen siblings, was the last to carry on the legacy of his generation, leaving behind his sister-in-law, Lorette Labre (Alfred). Despite life’s harsh trials, Henry, like the mythical phoenix, always rose above, emerging braver, stronger, and more determined.

An arduous worker with a natural talent for fixing nearly anything, Henry earned the moniker “Our Mr. Fix It All.” His career spanned various roles—farm hand, car wash detailer, orderly, ambulance attendant, miner, mechanic—each showcasing his exceptional skill and dedication. He later ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing Henry’s Mobile Service and subsequently Renfor, which he managed until his final year. Work was Henry’s raison d’être, dedicating himself to aiding those around him as an indefatigable optimist. More a man of action than words, Henry was always seen with a smile, “Always Smiling,” and his mischievous nature was evident in the twinkle of his bright blue eyes. He possessed an extraordinary blend of charm, charisma, and emotional intelligence, a true “Bonhomie.”

A fervent lover of the outdoors, Henry required daily contact with nature, regardless of the weather. His cottage was his haven, where he delighted in hosting loved ones in his “Petit coin du paradis,” especially during the annual Christmas bonfire—a tradition fondly remembered by all. Henry was a beacon of kindness and joy, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

In gratitude for the life he shared with us, let’s unite in prayer to celebrate the gift of Henry’s presence in our lives. He had a deep affection for country and western music, dancing through life with joy.

Il possédait le don de lire nos silences, avec un amour inconditionnel avec grand «A».

Claudette Lacoste Labre and sons, Dré and Alain express a heartfelt thanks to all who offered their time and presence, especially in Henry’s last moments and throughout his battle. Special acknowledgements include:

  • Gerald, Bernadette and Guy Morin for their help and continued support.
  • Sylvie Morin (goddaughter), for her 72 hours of unwavering support by his side, offering comfort and positive energy during his journey’s end.
  • Dave Schroeder and Pauline, for their care and dedication over the year.
  • The Hendels, Ray, Cathy, and their children, for their unwavering presence at every Christmas bonfire and their commitment to Henry’s wellbeing.
  • Claire Cochrane, for years of friendship.
  • Carl Thompson, our gatekeeper at the camp.
  • Leonard, Joanne and Natalie Lecompte, for being faithful through the years and visiting.
  • Blair for her presence and frequent meals.
  • Ayden and Mikayla, our young and caring neighbors.
  • Mark from Medical EMS (congestive heart failure), for his wonderful caregiving.
  • And Mike, Henry’s recently found faithful friend, whose visits and shared coffee times brightened his days.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who played a part in Henry’s life, embodying the spirit of community and friendship that he cherished so deeply.


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  1. So sorry to hear of Henry’s passing. He was such a friendly, happy man. May he rest in peace.
    God bless his soul. My condolences to Claudette and family.


    By: Doris Tomasik
    March 26, 2024

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