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Butch Roy (1951-2016)

For those who knew him best, Butch Roy lived his life his way and had a good time no doubt about it. In his youth, Butch loved cars, boats, hockey, baseball and most of all…. playing drums in a band. He was renowned for speeding around the streets of Chelmsford in his brother Sylvio’s 1971 Corvette. His nephews used to tease him “Hippie got a ticket, Hippie got a ticket”, and if it wasn’t for Sylvio being a police officer, he would have gotten many more. He spent many years camping and boating on the Vermillion River and loved taking his nieces and nephews waterskiing. He absolutely loved camp fires. He spent many years playing family hockey tournaments for the Lefebvre’s, winning many hockey bags and singing “Run around Sue”. So much fun! One of our most memorable road trips was to Molson Park in Barrie Canada Day of 1996. We saw Van Halen in concert. It was our little “Woodstock” what a blast. Butch retired from INCO at age 52 and immediately got his motorcycle license. He loved his BMW bike and spent his retirement years biking, playing hockey and playing pool with his many friends at the “Horse Tavern” CHEERS JUNIOR! He took a motorcycle trip to Philadelphia and took a picture with the Rocky Statue and a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. He truly enjoyed his retirement. Butch’s biggest thrills in the last few years were watching NHL Hockey in box seats at the Buffalo Sabres home games “Hockey in style” he would say. A special thank you to Jody & Spencer Fox of Fonthill, ON for treating him so well. He loved his brothers Jake, Sylvio, Ray, Yvan and sisters Marie Berthe, Marguerite and Paulette, through thick and thin. He was always so willing to accept free food from his sisters Marie Berthe and Marguerite. How nice of him (Ha! Ha! Ha!). Butch cherished his closest friends who took the time to visit him regularly Sylvio Roy, Keith Baston, Steve Boyd, late Ernie Lauzon and especially Moe Vachon (He loved you Big Moe!). Butch spoke highly and dearly of Monique Mirka and Donna Doucette. Adored his many nieces and nephews, Lisa, Todd, Rodney, Deanna, Robert, Chantal, Jean, Stephane, J.J, Eric, Jaime, Michael, Cory and Chad, he always tried to be the best “Uncle” he could be. Butch was especially proud of his nephew Robert Rheaume and held him in high regards. Robert is a police officer and rumor has it he may have helped Butch with a ticket one time or another but I don’t believe it (Ha! Ha! Ha!). And let’s not forget the Southern Boys Chris, Jon and Marc, he loved you guys. You gave him the biggest compliment ever when we were out on his boat and said “Everyone Should Have an Uncle Butch”. He had never seen the Blue Jays so two summers ago, we went and it was awesome except they lost. Last summer he got the chance to spend a week with his childhood best friend George Kuzma from Welland. George is the only man that called him “Gerald”. A very special time for Butch indeed. Butch was an exceptionally generous man; his best attribute, he was always there for me, all my life, with his heart wide open and fed me constantly.  In 2009 we went to Honduras and he had heard there was an orphanage nearby, he went out of his way to donate money to the children.  In his lifetime he donated thousands of dollars to help underprivileged children in Africa.  When I was 5 years old, I scratched his brand-new car with my bike. I dropped the bike and ran into the house and said “Sorry Uncle Butch” He then said at least you were sorry then laughed. Recently, I accidently cut the breaker to his stove and so once again I ran in and said “Sorry Uncle Butch”. We laughed at that, one more time. We spent countless nights at the campfire drinking beer, listening to the radio and eating Kraft Dinner. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. You had a great life Butch, I know because I was there. Thank You for all the adventures. I want everyone to know he died peacefully at home.

You were my bro and I am proud to say I had an “Uncle Butch”

May you rest in peace, all my love BOZO

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  1. Thank you sweet soul for your always loving company. You were always a joy to be around. I will always cherish the ride you gave me on the back of your bike. Butch, you will always be in our thoughts. To your family, the deepest condolences for your lose. May the memories of this special man pick you up in your times of greatest sorrow. xo Catherine

    Posted by:Catherine (Superstar)***
    January 5, 2017

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