RUFFO, Richard “Rick”

Passed away peacefully surrounded by his close family Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at the age of 66 years. Rick and Joann (nee Ethier) were partners in life creating so many great memories for their 42 years together. Best friend and confidante to his three kids Melinda (Jeremy) Stewart, David and Jimmy. He will be fondly remembered by his grandchildren C. Stewart, C. Stewart, Kohl and will be greatly missed by many relatives and friends. In keeping with Rick’s wishes, there will be no visitation or services. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Ranger Rick over and out.


11 Condolences

  1. Dear Uncle Rick
    I have so many memories that I will cherish forever. From the time you taught me how to fish. To when I would spend my summers with you and Aunt Joann. You carried your unconditional love to both my kids. To Ruby you will always be her King. To Brad your memories of camp teaching him how to fish and asking the question “Do fish blink.. You will be greatly missed. We love you
    My condolences to Aunt Joann, Melinda(and family) , David (and family) and Jimmy.

    By: Theresa, Scott, Ruby and Bradley
    November 25, 2019
  2. My dear cousin Rick, I will miss him so! We live 10 -11 hrs away and only saw each other every 3 years at our Family reunions or for other family events, he always welcomed us with open arms. Loved his hugs ,always funny, jocking, loving and lots of fun . Rick and Jo, always been so kind to Phil and I and our girls. Then to my grandchildren. He Took us fishing, I always loved that. He took us to his camp, one of my grandsons Quentin now 19, but when he was younger, we stayed at his house, Rick took us fishing on his boat, and at our last reunion when we played baseball , he asked Quentin to run for him when he batted and couldn’t run for himself. Quentin always remembered how nice he was to him, and was sad at his passing. Rick is now with his 2 other cousins that passed before him, Rudy and Richard and also with his parents and so on. Our prayers and love go out to his whole family.
    With loving memories, Your cuz Marie-Rose , Phil and Family

    By: Rick Ruffo
    November 25, 2019
  3. I’ve only met you but a few times yet, I truly enjoyed them. You have a way of making people feel like they fit in, not through words but through your actions. I had prior to meeting you and thereafter, always heard how adored you were/are. Since our first encounter, I couldn’t agree more!!
    R.I.P Rick……!

    By: Milton Stephenson
    November 23, 2019
  4. When I met this man, he told me a friend of his niece (Claudette), is aso a friend of his. With this said Rick, you honoured me with memories I will always cherish! I’m grateful you crossed my path. You are one of the most kind souls I have met and made me feel welcome from the word “go”! My only regret being, those times being cut short!!
    R.I.P Rick
    Thank You for those recollections!!

    By: Clint Millar
    November 23, 2019
  5. My love and respect to Ricks family.

    You will always have a special place in my heart. You always made me smile. You always treated my family and I with such love and respect. You will truly be missed. Love you tonnes.. flu high with all the angels before you! xoxo

    Faith, Sean, Micaela and Damon Elliott

    By: Faith and Sean Elliott
    November 22, 2019
  6. When I was young, I was having a sleepover with Melinda. We all got called to dinner, we happily skipped to the table. Anxiously awaiting our dinner, we were joking and giggling and having a great time. Rick served up dinner. “Snake” he said. “The best snake in town”. I don’t remember if I made it through the night or not, but to this day I refuse to eat sausage. He and my dad were friends. I hope they have found each other on the other side and are having a drink together.

    By: Meredith Cameron
    November 22, 2019
  7. Words cannot describe what I am feeling. I give my condolences to the entire family…God rest his soul.

    Rick the joker, friend, cousin, father and husband….He was good at all of them.
    Good plate of spaghetti always hit the spot.
    A good card game he never said no too.
    Calling BINGO at the Moose Hall on occasion.
    Hunting, fishing what is that’ can someone clear the fish please.
    Sharing the camp site with his dream girl Joanne always.

    Rick the door at your place was always open 24/7′ we will all miss you.

    Love Don and Kim.


    By: Donald Lacroix & Kimberly Menard
    November 22, 2019
  8. Bill Cormier (who would later become my husband) introduced me to Rick. For some reason, I really don’t know why, I wouldn’t recognize him the first few times I met him after that. I guess I was overwhelmed meeting the 2000 other people in Chapleau.

    Bill and I would go over from time to time to play cards. Rick loved scaring me. He would slam his hand on the table and scare the living crap outta me!

    Joanne told me about how she had sent Bill and Rick off to find a Christmas tree. There was probably some drinking going on…. She said they brought home the sorries excuse of a Christmas ever. I can just see them… This was before I moved to Chapleau so I never saw the tree.

    Sadly Bill and I split up. I was afraid Rick would hate me. Bill and I both told him together. He told us “I don’t care about you and I don’t care about you but you two make sure you look after those kids!” He gave me a hug. I was so relieved he didn’t hate me!

    I did call on Rick for help from time to time. One time, the twirly thing on my roof had come off. Rick and Jimmy came over to put on a new one. Rick was always willing to help. I remember at least one time going to him for advice.

    He also amazed my kids with his “broken finger trick”. Ayla was especially amazed. As she got older, she realized it was a trick but didn’t know how he did it. I believe she and Rick drew up some kind of contract as to when he would tell her.

    I hadn’t seen much of Rick over the last few years but I did talk to him at the grocery store this past summer. I’m glad for that.

    I’ll miss you Rick. XO

    By: Tanya Kessler
    November 22, 2019
  9. Rick and I were not just brothers. he was also one of my best friends. We shared so much over the years. I’m going to miss him so much. Right now he’s with his buddies Mark McDermott and Rick Gibb (Gisby). Party on my buddies and save me a spot. Condolences to Joann and the kids. He will be missed by many people.

    John and Tammy

    By: John Ruffo
    November 22, 2019
  10. To a great sisterinlaw Joann and all her family our condolences,,,sure he will be missed ,,,
    Brother Jm says guess he will have to learn to clean his own fish. lol
    R.I.P. Rick
    love to all Jim a d Ina

    By: Jim and Ina
    November 22, 2019
  11. I have so many memories of Uncle Rick and I would like to share a few that really showed the kind of man he was to me and how much he’s effected my life for the better.
    I remember when I was little and going to visit in Chapleau every summer, we would always rush over to go see Uncle Rick and Aunt Joanne almost immediately! Uncle Rick was always so full of jokes and tricks and I will always remember this trick that he played on me. He did his infamous removing finger trick that I’m sure he showed all the kids over the years, and had me convinced I had to have my finger cut off to be able to do the trick also. I used to go stick my hand in the freezer for a long time (sometimes too long lol) and come back and he’d have his swiss army knife out ready to “cut it off” and of course I always got scared and would’t ever have courage to go through with it. It was years later he showed me when he knew I had caught onto him (still hadn’t quite figured it out) and I remember my mind being blown and how well he ALWAYS pulled it off.
    I also remember going fishing endless times with him and even catching my first fish ever while fishing with him, Jimmy, David and my Dad too. (Even though the pike got off of Jimmy’s knot, everyone confirmed my “fish story” of having such a big fish get away lol) I remember one particular time when I was a teenager that I was sleeping and my Mom came and woke me up and i was like MOM LET ME SLEEP, then she just said “Okay but Uncle Rick wants to know if you want to go fishing” and I jumped out of bed and was running down the alley way from Auntie Anne’s house in no time lol
    I could go on and on with stories about Uncle Rick as he was a big staple of my summers growing up and I am never going to forget how much he loved all of us and would always make time for us as much as he could. He had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known and I’m going to miss him a lot. I love you Uncle Rick, thank you for everything.

    By: Conrad Tilbury
    November 22, 2019

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